President Message

President of JACM
Shinobu Yoshimura
(Professor, The University of Tokyo)

I was elected to be the President of JACM (Japan Association for Computational Mechanics) serving during April 1 2012 till March 31 2015 through the election among General Council members representing 26 computational mechanics related societies in Japan.  Computational Mechanics is an academic field comprising various fields such as mechanical, civil, architectural, aeronautic & astronautic, naval architecture and ocean, biomedical, chemical, material, electric and electronic, environmental and systems science and engineering. The JACM was established in December 2002 and celebrates 10th anniversary in 2012.  The JACM is an organization affiliated to IACM (International Association for Computational Mechanics). The JACM differs from ordinary academic societies, but is rather a loosely coupled union of various societies related to computational mechanics. At present, 26 societies are affiliated to JACM, while the number of JACM members is about 300.  With the leadership of past presidents, that is, Professor Takashi Yabe (Tokyo Institute of Technology) and Professor Noriyuki Miyazaki (Kyoto University), the JACM has continuously contributed to academic activities related to IACM and APACM (Asia-Pacific Association for Computational Mechanics) such as WCCM, APCOM, ECCOMAS, USNCCM, and IACM affiliated Thematic conferences.  Since 2009, we have published web-based magazine to promote the communication among members as well as affiliated societies.

I have been involved in JACM activities as Vice President and Secretary General since 2002.  From now on, as the President of JACM, I would like to work for extending the activities of JACM mentioned above, and further for establishing one of research cores of computational mechanics in Asian-Pacific region through the cooperating with other IACM affiliated societies in Asia-Pacific region.  For the further advancement of the computational mechanics, I would like to ask the strong cooperation of all the general council members and all the JACM members.